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Let ETech 7 walk you through the best tech subreddits to follow in 2020. Sit back, relax, and keep scrolling! r/gaming | 25.1 million members. A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not sports). All. Things. Video. Games. (and a sprinkle of board games and card games here and there! Master list of tech subreddits Technology - General Computers Mobile Tablet Other Gear Business Support Politics, Privacy, and Security Talk Hardware Software Programming, Design, and Development Internet Images Buying Unsorte

60+ of the best tech subreddits on Reddit in 2021. If you love all things tech and are a fan of Reddit, you're not alone. Reddit has over 330 million monthly active users, and 138,000 active subreddits according to recent statistics. There are also more than 27 million unique monthly visitors to technology communities From recent news, trends, to even scandals related to the tech world, this subreddit has it all! It can get a little too political in there so click at your own risk! r/tech | 235,000 members. The goal of r/tech is to provide a space dedicated to the intelligent discussion of innovations and changes to technology in our ever-changing world

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27+ of the best tech subreddits on Reddit. by Jeff Weisbein 6 years ago 1 min read. So you like tech and are a fan of reddit.com sounds familiar. Everyone knows about r/technology, but really, I think there are better subreddits for tech out there. The reddit community is huge and sometimes finding the best subreddits for a topic you are. This community is all about sharing all the latest tech news and making sure you stay engaged in the happenings of the tech world. Even if you're not really into tech, this is one of the best Subreddits to get hooked. Check out others such as 'r/windows', 'r/ios' and 'r/Android' if you are a fan of a particular tech. Battlestations. Members - 2.3 More tech related subreddits, from the sidebar of /r/technology, can be found here. /r/technology /r/internetisbeautiful /r/futurology /r/pcmasterrace /r/buildapc /r/talesfromtechsupport /r/netsec /r/gamedev /r/design /r/engineering /r/jailbreak /r/compsci /r/tech /r/hacking /r/imaginarytechnology /r/privacy /r/torrents /r/networking /r/infographics /r/pirac

The subreddit is only for support with tech issues. Try to research your issue before posting, don't be vague. State everything you have tried and all the guides/tutorials/sites you have followed as well as why they were unsuccessful. Do everything you can to reduce the effort of the wonderful folks offering to help you Here are some of the best tech subreddits that you can use to stay updated with all tech. Technology SubReddit Apart from serving as comic relief, Reddit is also filled with subreddits that have people passionately posting about widgets, gadgets and other technological wonders Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues. 10.6m

38 subreddits in this multi: r/Android remove; r/androidapps remove; r/AndroidWear remove; r/apple remove; r/AppleEnthusiasts remove; r/AppleMusic remove; r/appletv remove; r/AppleWatch remove; r/battlestations remove; r/Bitcoin remove; r/buildapc remove; r/computers remove; r/Futurology remove; r/google remove; r/hardware remove; r/headphones remove; r/ios remove; r/ipad remove; r/iphone remov This subreddit is one of the most widely followed and enjoys frequent meme posts. As you can see by the name, it acts as an umbrella for all sorts of memes. So whether you're looking for classic or more specific memes such as tech memes, social media memes, movie memes, etc., you'll find them all in this sub The subreddit /r/technology is known to be one of the most active subreddits of them all mainly due to the rapid advancements in the world of technology. If you find it hard to tabs on all the latest news around technology, then this subreddit is a good place to be. Other subreddits like /r/android/ or /r/iOS/ are also worth checking out. Check out 11 If you're in tech, you're probably quite familiar with The Front Page of the Internet. Here's a rundown of some of the most useful subreddits geared toward IT professionals and System Administrators. 1. Networking. The Networking Subreddit focuses on enterprise & business networking topics such as design, troubleshooting, and best practices. 2

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Here are best crypto subreddits that will teach you everything you need to know about blockchain. Topics include tokens, markets, The discussions tend to be a bit more technical though. /r/CryptoMarkets. Member Count: 231K. If you want to trade and make money, this should be your go-to Best SubReddits About Web hosting, Website Development, and Tech (Best of Reddit) September 16, 2020 by ForeverGeek Leave a Comment If you're already an avid Reddit user, you know full well the vast knowledge that subreddits have to offer for even the most specific of topics Subreddits are user-created areas of interest where discussions on Reddit are organized. There are about 138,000 active subreddits (among a total of 1.2 million) as of July 2018. Subreddit names begin with r/; for instance, r/science is a community devoted to discussing scientific topics, while r/television is a community devoted to discussing TV shows and r/Islam, a community. Scroll to the bottom of the page and configure the settings of your blocked subreddit. Activate the +Add filter button in the lower-left corner of the field labeled Subreddits. Enter a subreddit you don't want to see anymore. If you want to block other sub-resources, repeat steps 8 and 9

More about reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/about/Check out the subreddits mentioned:https://www.reddit.com/r/24hoursupporthttps://www.reddit.com/r/Sugges.. Wrap Up: Funniest Subreddits. So, that's it from my side in this post. Note that these are some of the funniest subreddits that I follow on Reddit. Surely, there are other subreddits that will provide you with memes and jokes, maybe better, but these should get you started and keep you going and laughing. Until the next postCheers Hey fellas! What tech related subreddits do you guys visit the most?:) - /g/ - Technology is 4chan's imageboard for discussing computer hardware and software, programming, and general technology

Few subreddits actually encourage reposts. Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe It has a unique ability to bring like-minded individuals together through subreddits where information can be exchanged freely. The platform offers multi-level threaded storylines Reddit r/TechJobs tech jobs listed in various subreddits. Dice 70K+ job openings from tech employers . Hired a job board with an emphasis on tech. Angel.co tech and startup jobs from tech companies and startups. WhiteTruffle allows you to apply to 7,500+ tech jobs via one application. CrunchBoard TechCrunch's job board for all things tech Reddit's new Talk feature. Image: Reddit. During the initial tests, only subreddit moderators will be able to initiate a Talk, and Talk hosts will have the ability to invite, mute, and remove.

11 News Subreddits to Replace Google Reader. Max Knoblauch. Jul 01, 2013. Somewhere, a newshound is whimpering. On July 1, Google Reader headed to a nice RSS farm out west, where it will have lots. With so many different forms of social media available, it's never been more important to build an audience by sharing your message on as many platforms as possible. Reddit is one of the most essential of those platforms, with thousands of different communities (named subreddits) that you can post in

Welp! Here we're back. This week we have Andrew Gauthier, the former Director of Digital Content for Kamala Harris, talking about how the internet helped him awaken a love for hunting for mushrooms, Ellie Hall, senior reporter for BuzzFeed News, talking about the drama going on inside subreddits dedicated to tracking unstable mothers-in-law, and Bijan Stephen, Twitch and livestreaming reporter. Jan 16, 2019 - Hi! This is an ongoing effort to create a full list of all tech-related subreddits. **Technology - General** /r/technology /r/tech.

Feb 1, 2019 - If you're into tech news and discussion, reddit is a great way to follow everything in the field. Here's a list of the best ones to follow We're all bored out of our wits trying to find something fun and exciting to do during this lockdown. With all the things we've recommended to you over the past few weeks, from sanitizing your gadgets down to Netflix recommendations, let's now tap onto the incredible front page of the internet: Reddit.. Whether it's your first time on Reddit or not, this site is full of awesome stuff. Starting this Friday Reddit added a trending subreddits section that will help you find a selected few (five to be exact) subreddits. You can find the five topics under the sponsored link. This is Reddit's way of increasing popularity of the already popular subreddits, which was introduced back in 2008

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  1. Find more subreddits like r/tech_house -
  2. To date, Fancharm has helped dozens of creators send over 50,000 messages and posts to engage with their Reddit audience and gain more Onlyfans subscribers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Sincerely, Sam, Co-founder and CEO of Fancharm
  3. Those three subreddits have almost 9 million subscribers among them. The post promptly went viral — at one point it was among the most popular posts on Reddit. Rootin-tootin_putin's post was quickly removed, without much explanation, and they got a notice they'd been banned from a subreddit
  4. Reddit said Monday it was banning about 2,000 subreddits including r/The_Donald, where supporters of President Donald Trump had gathered, in a crackdown the tech company said was aimed at.
  5. The number of subreddits has been growing consistently since Reddit was founded 15 years ago. To date, there are more than 2,2 million subreddits (Reddit Metrics, 2020). From general topics like tech and environment to very specific niches, it's pretty safe to say that there's a subreddit for nearly every topic under the sun

Unless the title's been edited, it does say tech-related subreddits, one would expect reddit to feature heavily in the replies :) ue_ 422 days ago. Are we in an information bubble? Why are other tech subreddits almost never mentioning blockchain/cryptocurrencies (in a positive light) https://ift.tt/2E105P For example, if you want to browse the headlines of the day aggregated from multiple subreddits with different kinds of news, you can make a multireddit that combines r/News, r/WorldNews, r/Technology, r/Sports, and r/Entertainment. Multireddits are also a great way to sort your favorite feeds into groups of similar subreddits 8. AskPolitics. There are quite a few Ask subreddits for thought provoking questions and answers. AskPolitics is about improving your own political knowledge. The right question (and its reply) can go a long way in making you a more responsible voter and a better debater when a topic comes up in a conversation

In some subreddits, you can even make a post if you don't have enough Karma yet. Sometimes, you can submit your message for moderation so that moderators can approve it, and it will be posted to get karma on Reddit. See also: Top 8 Free Voice to Text Apps for Android (2020) Subscribe to Popular Subreddits Tech › The Reddit is actually comprised of posts that thousands of people recently voted to the top of their respective communities, or subreddits, which are areas of Reddit dedicated to a.

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There's a subreddit populated entirely by AI personifications of other subreddits. If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. AI chatbots. Reddit has cuts ties with a UK politician after hundreds of major subreddits went dark in protest Sign up for the 10 Things in Tech newsletter for the latest trends & developments in tech Tech Tips; Gadget Guides. Technology; Latest Posts. Arm debuts new. 7 hours ago. The best music gadgets and accessories—a smart amp, a wearable music ring, and more. 8 hours ago. Judge digs into Apple app store policies as Epic trial ends. 16 hours ago. iFixit looks inside Apple. 17 hours ago. Categories

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  1. Reddit Talk, the Clubhouse competitor for subreddits, could be met with stiff opposition from users More work for moderators By Shawn Knight on April 20, 2021, 10:1
  2. Reddit Talk Is a Clubhouse Competitor For Subreddits (theverge.com) 23. Reddit unveiled its take on a Clubhouse-like social audio product on Monday, called Reddit Talk. The Verge reports: The company is billing Monday's announcement as a sneak preview, since the feature isn't widely available yet. Moderators that want to try the feature out.
  3. There are over 1.8 million subreddits, many of which allow users to ask questions and offer advice. Not everyone is an expert
  4. Like Reddit, there are no cool subreddits, and when you post something to Quora, The site shows you simple news from around the world related to hackers, tech enthusiasts, geeks, Entrepreneurs, and Startups enthusiasts which is available on the News Y Combinator channel
  5. Like Reddit? These are some awesome subreddits you must know and follow

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  1. Listen to this episode from The tech.mn Podcast on Spotify. On Episode 48, Kevin and Jac welcome Atif Siddiqi, Founder and CEO of Branch, to talk about moving and growing a company in Minnesota, their expansion into fintech, the impact of COVID-19 on the shift workforce, and winning a webby. This Episode is powered by Fredrikson & Byron Fredrikson & Byron has built a reputation as the firm.
  2. ate active user sessions as soon as a Conditional Access policy violation is detected
  3. Tech & Media. Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats. Reddit ramped up enforcement against racist, sexist and anti-Semitic subreddits earlier this week
  4. Reddit has banned the subreddit group r/DonaldTrump, a spokesperson confirmed to Axios. Why it matters: While not an official group or page hosted by the president, it's one of the company's largest political communities dedicated to support for President Trump. What they're saying: Reddit's site-wide policies prohibit content that promotes hate, or encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls.
  5. Subreddits such as r/insaneparents, r/raisedbynarcissists, and r/narcissisticparents are just a few of the growing number of forums where communities of traumatised children are gathering to swap stories, seek advice and gain resources to help them create boundaries with their parents or even learn how to cut ties

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Abstract. Accessing and contributing to online spaces have become regular parts of many educators' professional activities. However, the popular discussion forum website Reddit has received little attention from educational researchers despite the presence of multiple education-related subreddits that have tens of thousands of subscribers and feature thousands of threaded conversations per year Meet Demmian. reddit.com. This is the most active moderator of Reddit's Feminism forum, who many in the Reddit community believe to be a man. Which in and of itself would not be a problem. Plenty of men are feminist allies and should not be excluded from the conversation. It only becomes a problem when, for all intents and purposes the head. Here we list top 10 subreddits which are engaging with regards to information technology. They have been presented in no order that is particular. 1. r/dataisbeautiful . This can be one of the better subreddits on information visualisation. The main reason it really is here is because visualising information is important in data technology About the Women in Tech Topic. This list of communities is dedicated to women who work in technology, or are interested in a career in tech. These communities focus on discussing technology topics, as well as professional advice on how to succeed as a woman in the technology sector

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Find more subreddits like r/techcrunch -- r/techcrunch is dedicated to the discussion of TechCrunch articles and the discussion of the interesting things in the technological realm Reddit: Endlessly distracting, often fascinating, and sometimes really useful too. These are some of the best subreddits we know about for advice, instruction, and information, whether that's. Someone asked Reddit to list the REALLY REALLY weird subreddits. They did. They also listed a lot of cute but not actually weird subreddits. I've collected the actually weird ones, plus. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Sign Up; Forums All Activity My Activity Streams . Status Update This visualization of related subreddits helps you find related subreddits

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Tech . The Reddit starter pack: These are the 41 best subreddits everyone should follow. Dave Smith. You'll find subreddits for advice (like r/AskReddit, or r/PersonalFinance),. Non-premium users get up to 20 subreddits in a single discord server. After 10 subscriptions, you will be asked to vote for Redditor to gain more subscriptions. After voting, you can add up to 20 subreddits untill your vote expires. After that you can simply vote again 10 Best Subreddits for Entrepreneurs on Reddit's 10th Birthday Here are some daily reads for founders who want to stay in the know. By Elaine Godfrey @elainejgodfrey. Getty Images

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A subreddit is a forum on Reddit dedicated to a specific topic. There are thousands of subreddits on various subjects, such as student loans, Apple products, and relationship advice. This wikiHow will show you how to search for subreddits.. There are subreddits for nearly any topic and not all of them are unhinged tyrannical cringe, whatever that is. I subscribe to several tech related ones, a few for vintage consoles and computers, and one for a language I've been studying Tech Ordeal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.co.uk. Tech Ordeal does not take any editorial control over comments made by the general public on this site Memeberg terminal shows you Reddit's top mentioned and most popular stocks of the day by scraping and analyzing posts and comments on subreddits like wallstreetbets, spacs, pennystocks, and investing

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Related Tech-Recipes. Advanced Reddit Comment Formatting styles. OSX: Blocking Children from Adult Websites. Windows 8: Blocking Adult Web Content from Children. Windows Media Center: Hiding Adult Material from Children. How to Prevent Children from Watching Adult and Violent Contents on Youtub All of my search term words; Any of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles onl Despite Reddit's crackdown on Million Dollar Extreme, many other subreddits promoting white supremacy, white nationalism, and fascism are easily accessible on Reddit, which is the fifth most popular website in the United States, according to Alexa rankings

We are Linus Tech Tips, makers of YouTube tech videosReal World Timeline - Civilization 5 Tech Tree : civRedd, A Reddit Client for iOS 7 – MacStoriesVisual Tech Trees : StellarisWorld Industries Skateboard Decks - Flameboy vs Wet WillyReddit Backs Its Neo-Nazis Four Months After Banning Alt-Right

Subreddits explained. Subreddits are like individual forums devoted to a particular topic. All subreddit names begin with a lowercase r followed by a slash, then the name of the subreddit Tech & Science. Reddit Quarantines a New Wave of Subreddits, On Thursday, more than 20 controversial subreddits were put under quarantine by site administrators Tech & Media. Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats. Reddit ramped up enforcement against racist, sexist and anti-Semitic subreddits earlier this week Reddit unveiled its take on a Clubhouse-like social audio product on Monday, called Reddit Talk.The Verge reports: The company is billing Monday's announcement as a sneak preview, since the feature isn't widely available yet. Moderators that want to try the feature out in their subreddit can add themselves to a waitlist for access. Based on Reddit's description and images shared by the.

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