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The best overall single malt scotch, in a very competitive field, is Aberlour 16. This whisky combines the best flavors of bourbon and sherry cask maturation and provides the best complexity of flavor and palate for its price range The Whisky: The Classic Laddie is a unique whisky, almost bottle to bottle. The sweet malt juice is aged in American oak specifically picked to highlights the Scottish barley in the mash No over the top sherry and wine casks, no huge PPM count. Just a huge and well rounded peated single malt with depths that rival whiskies much older than itself. 50% ABV. Natural Colour. Non-Chill filtered. Summary: Peat fans, this is the best and most consistent Islay whisky that is currently available. Buy it from The Whisky Exchange for £46.7 This easy-to-drink whisky adeptly balances peatiness and smoothness, making it the perfect introduction for newcomers and an unusual addition to a collection of red wine-finished whiskies. £53 Award-winning highland whisky brand Glenmorangie is best known for its trademark smooth and mellow tones as well as its imaginative and innovative expressions such as the lusciously sweet A Tale of Cake limited edition. However, it is also becoming increasingly recognized for its pioneering sustainability efforts

Best whisky: Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Runner-up whisky: Dalmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky. Best 10-year-old: Glengoyne 10 Year Old. Best organic whisky: Nc'nean. This attractive, red wine and amber port-cask-finished Scotch is peaty and full-bodied, with apple and citrus flavors followed by a hot chile finish. Average price: $59. 4. Bowmore 12. A to Z Scotch Whisky Brands A comprehensive alphabetical list of Scotch Whisky brands, including single malts such as Laphroaig and Macallan, blended whiskies including Ballantine's and Johnnie Walker, blended malts such as Monkey Shoulder, and grain whiskies like Haig Club Best scotch whisky: Eight to try Ardbeg Corryvreckan Cheekily named after a whirlpool that sits between Jura and Scarba - not Islay - this is a rich, meatily spicy whisky with lots of juicy dark fruits and dark chocolate to supplement Ardbeg's trademark briny smoke

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Top 10 best-selling Scotch malt whiskies. From Glenfiddich to Glen Grant, these are the world's most popular Scotch malt whiskies Celebrated by Scotch-lovers for it's long and lingering finish, Johnnie Walker Gold Label is made from a blend of whiskies from the Speyside and Highland regions. The blend comes together as a. Lagavulin 16 Single Malt Scotch Whisky: The best value smoked whisky. Price. Lagavulin is a 16-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky born in a roaring bonfire from the coast of Islay. It is the best single malt whisky of the Lagavulin Distillery at a reasonable price

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Buy Now . This Islay Scotch expression topped our 15 best single malt whiskies to try list, and it tops this list as well for its all-around quality and popularity with practically all types of Scotch drinker around the world.. It's a quintessential Islay whisky, with raw material provided from the rich peaty water running from the Solan Lochs and peat fields close by the East Coast distillery Best Scotch whisky: Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990 Single Malt Whisky. 7. Teeling. A slightly more unconventional brand, Teeling prides itself on doing things differently from the rest. Its roots date back to 1782 and over that time, it's introduced a range of unique flavours and characteristics setting it aside from the rest In addition to Revival—which walked home with the top prize for all whiskies this year—there were seven other 'Best in Class' awards doled out within the scotch category, specifically 10 of the best Scotch whiskies (chosen by experts) Tags: inspiration, recommendations, Top Stories, whisky, World Whisky Day. By: Sean Murphy. Driven by a passion for all things drinks-related, Sean writes for The Scotsman extensively on the subject Chances are if you're a whisky/whiskey fan, you know a decent amount about Scotch. But if you're primarily an American whiskey drinker, now's a good time to reacquaint yourself with Scotland's finest export, which offers multiple flavors and styles, along with its own set of rules (aging minimum in oak casks for 3+ years, malted barley as the core ingredient, etc.)

21 Best Scotch Whisky Brands Man of Man

  1. imum of 8 reviews. The list is recalculated daily so new Scotch whisky reviews and scores are regularly included in the calculation. If you're searching for the best Scotch Whisky as rated by the Connosr community we hope you find the top 10 list helpful
  2. Best Scotch Whisky UK 2021. A Staple Single Malt and Scottish Bestseller 10 year old is the flagship single malt whisky from the Glenmorangie distillery. A Scottish bestseller, it's considered a classic go-to by many a whisky enthusiast, and it comes at a very reasonable price
  3. Some whisky lovers might say the words cheap and Scotch don't belong in the same sentence. It's pretty hard to argue with the sentiment, as making a good Scotch whisky requires quality ingredients and time—lots of time. Rather than cheap, aficionados should look for value

5 Best Scotch Whiskies For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank 1. Chivas Regal 12. At a price point of around $30 for a bottle, this is a great Scotch blend that you can buy to start... 2. Bowmore 12. Let's assume you have had the chance to taste a couple of Scotch whiskies or are familiar with the. Only the best whiskies, bourbons and rums available. Talisker 25 Year Old / Bot. 2005 Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky Scotland Single Malt Whisky An awesome Talisker. Perhaps the best value in the whole range with a deliciously sweet nose and a lovely peated and spiced finished Whisky Suggest Top 10 Best Light & Smooth Whiskies. We have analysed over 75.000 whisky tasting notes and 250.000 whisky ratings, only to present you the ten best light and smooth whiskies Single malt Scotch whisky is one of the most revered spirits in the world. It has such scope for variation, it can offer complexity or simplicity, unbridled power or a subtle whisper. To legally be called a single malt Scotch, the whisky must be distilled at a single distillery in Scotland, in a copper pot still from nothing other than malted barley, yeast and water Top 10 Best Cigars & Single Malt Scotch Whisky Pairings Charles-Philippe 2020-06-02T07:54:33-04:00 Cigars and Scotch whisky arguably go together like hand in glove. Indeed, the two are combined into one of the most iconic and quintessential gastronomical pairings and can provide you with a true sensory experience

Peaty scotch is back! And as the world's palate becomes more and more refined, and information on our favourite drams becomes more readily available, people are starting to come around to drinking the best peated whiskies on the market. Peaty scotch whisky, or 'Smoky Scotch' as many call it, is the subcategory of whisky that entices the nostrils and enlivens the senses with its intense. Contents1 Criteria For Choosing The Best Whisky Brands2 The Best Scotch Whisky Brands2.1 The Glenlivet2.2 Highland Park2.3 Glenfiddich2.4 The Balvenie2.5 Dalmore2.6 Ardberg2.7 Glenmorangie2.8 Glenfarclas2.9 Laphroaig2.10 Glenrothes2.11 Bowmore2.12 Craigellachie Scotch is one of the most popular forms of whisky available. Its distinctive flavour, rich aroma, and long history make it an. Best Whisky 2021: 13 Luxury Single Malt Scotch Whiskies You Need To Try Refine your palate with the best single malt scotch whisky, for yourself and to gift By Stacey Smith and Products tested by.

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  1. My passion for Scotch started in college when my conniving parents gave me their best whisky for my first taste. Needless to say, the stuff my friends had at school didn't compare. They had a joke If Kathryn comes to a party, you need a whiskey that's over $40
  2. We love scotch whisky and aim to try and review as much of it as possible from the finest to not so finest drams on the planet. Our scotch whisky reviews are honest and unbiased. We buy all the bottles out of our own pockets so you can be sure you are getting our genuine opinion
  3. The Best Bottles Of High-End Scotch Whisky Between $300-$500. Zach Johnston Twitter Life Writer. May 13, 2021. Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx.it
  4. Top blended Scotch whisky: which grains and malts are used in the blend. Single malt whisky sales have grown by about 25% in the last five years to reach 8.5 millon annual sales. This is fantastic news for the Scotch whisky industry and a sure sign of the growing interest in one of the premium segments of Scotch
  5. Mix N' Match: 12 Best Blended Scotch Whiskies. Mike Waldron. Mar 8, 2017. Category: Vices. Blended scotch, unfortunately, gets a bad rap in the world of fine whiskey. Too often, these smoother sips are considered cop-outs, mixing whiskeys, or drams that are better reserved for a glass full of ice
  6. The award for the Best 20 YO Single Malt went to another legendary Scotch whisky: Mortlach, 20 YO, 43.4% ABV, 750 ml, $250. Mortlach is one of the few distilleries that still operates worm coils.
  7. This is an incomplete list of whisky distilleries in Scotland.According to the Scotch Whisky Association there were 128 distilleries licensed to produce Scotch whisky in the calendar year 2018

Before addressing what are the 20 best Scotch whisky cocktails, it's perhaps worth addressing the reputation, both blends and single malts, have for not being cocktail friendly due to their peaty/smoky/salty character. This misconception has not been helped by the words of some of my heroes 11 Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky Brands To Try Whether You're An Expert Or Want To Learn More. There's something for every price point. By Alexis Morillo. Feb 16, 2021 Sarah. Scotch whisky is a baffling world for the uninitiated. Step into a well-stocked bar or throw open the drinks cabinet of that friend who is always picking up a new bottle and it's hard not to be overwhelmed. What do you fancy a dram of - peated or unpeated? From which region; Highlands, Speyside, Islay

Scotch can be surprising in many pleasant ways. What may surprise some Scotch lovers: the best selling scotch whisky brands in the world. See the top 20 The Best of 2010 - Single Malt Scotch Whiskies by Jim Coleman · Published December 7, 2010 · Updated July 8, 2020 This is the big one, our favourite top ten Single Malts from Scotland, they may not be the highest scoring Malts, but they are our agreed favourites You can find whisky recommendations list for a community-built list of best whiskies. Help us improve it even more by recommending your favorite whiskeys. Without more delays, Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Platinum Label Blended Scotch Whisky Scotland Blended Whisky Well, with scotch import sales at an all-time high in the United States and so many millennials getting into whiskey, it's a great time to get some answers to those questions and to discover what your favorite dram is

The top 10 Scotch whisky brands 02 September 2013 By Becky Paskin. With the value of global Scotch whisky sales increasing, we countdown the world's 10 largest Scotch whisky brands The 8 Best Speyside Scottish Whiskies Under $100. Written by Rixon. in Best Whiskey. (Scotch) whisky, so if you are looking for a gift to someone else or for an good whisky to sip after a long day, Speyside is a good place to look. 1. Cragganmore 12 Year Old With the 17 best low-cost, high flavor scotches ever to come out of a bottle. Choosing An Inexpensive Scotch A single malt scotch starts off at around $50, and that's your bargain basement brand, so getting one that is palate pleasing in the narrow strike zone between $50 and $100 is a challenge unto itself

The Scotch-Whiskey ranked Gold Outstanding at the 2013 International Wine and Spirit Competition Blended Scotch typically comprises a combination of single malt Scotch whiskies and grain whiskies, and is often more balanced, less expensive and easier to drink than single malt offerings. A popular spirit worldwide, blended Scotch accounts for about 90 percent of all whisky production in Scotland While deciding the top scotch Whisky brands in India we looked for refined blends that are popular in India as well in many other countries. Scotch - Usually you will find three different types of blends. They are blended with accuracy to impart unique taste & characteristic to the beverage

Venero Crystal: Best value whisky glass. Enjoy a toast with style with Venero's lead-free crystal glasses and polished finish. Crafted from the finest quality crystal, these large 295ml (12oz) glasses are the perfect size for a double shot of whisky plus some mixer and ice cubes.. Each glass has a thick wall and heavy base, ensuring your drink stays insulated at the right temperature and. The 15 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies for Ruling the Spirit World. Drinks. Dram A Lot: The 14 Best Scotch Whiskeys Under $50. Drinks. Real Mixology Starts With The 16 Best Blended Scotch Whiskies. Explore. 24 Exotic Asian Fruits Packed With Nutritional Goodness. Drinks The Scotch whisky market isn't the only one susceptible to the surge. For the better part of the 21st century, the price of virtually all aged spirit has soared

Best Scotch Whiskies of 2021: Lagavulin, The Macallan & Mor

  1. Finding the best bottle of Scotch can turn into a complex treasure hunt, especially if you're shopping on a budget. If $100-$200 whiskey is too high of a budget, then look no further than this list of the top 10 Scotch whiskies under $100 you'll want to keep an eye out for
  2. Located south of the Highland region are the country's Lowlands, known for its rolling hills best suited for growing grain for the area's whisky. Much like the soft and tame landscape, Lowland scotch is known for its lighter body and color than the drink's Highland counterpart and little to nonexistent peaty profile on the palate
  3. read 'All scotch is whisky, but not all whisky is scotch.' Scotch is a pure and refined beverage which was originally made from malted barley
  4. For hardcore whisky fans like myself, there is nothing quite like a dram of single malt. Here are my selections for the 5 best single malt Scotch whiskies
  5. Best Scotch Whisky Books. Posted on May 26, 2014 by Jim. When I was in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, I stopped by their duty free shop (the one right through the security checkpoint) to see what they had. It was a beautifully set up little area for single malt scotches
  6. The 10 Best Whiskies Under $50 That Don't Start With Jack, Jim, Johnnie, or Jameson Many men have a tendency to stick with what's often stocked and served most commonly at local watering holes and social events, but there's just so much whiskey out there that's not only affordable but delicious too

Scotch whisky doesn't exactly have a reputation for being cheap.. Good single malts (especially older ones) have a tendency to run into the hundreds of dollars, and one look at the $35,000 Balvenie 50 Year Old is enough to make anyone flinch.. But not all great scotches have to break the bank, and some of the very best are actually relatively affordable LoveScotch.com is USA's premier online liquor store offering vast selection of best quality scotch, whisky, brandy, spirits, tequila, vodka, gin, liquor, rum, cognac at low prices. LoveScotch's online liquor store brings the best range of Single Malt , Blend & Rare Scotch as well as a great selection of Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin and Bourbon to enthusiasts throughout the United States Verdict: Scotch whiskies from The Glenlivet are among the best-selling single malts in America, so there's no doubt you've seen them hanging out behind the bar or on the shelf. The Nadurra, meaning natural in Gaelic, is similar to the Aberlour A'bunadh in that it's a small-batch offering with no chill filtration, matured in sherry casks and bottled at cask strength We asked our tribe to recommend the best whiskeys that started them down the path to loving whiskey. They did not disappoint!Check out the first of three Mod..

Best Scotch whisky 1. The Macallan Single Malt, £59.50 . It's popular for good reason. One of the most sought-after whisky brands out there, Macallan has built up perhaps the best reputation for. Best Scotch Whisky Distillery Tours. March 9, 2021. The Three Drinkers. whisky, Whiskey, Spirits. We don't need to tell you we're big fans of Scotch whisky; chances are you already know thanks to our Amazon Prime series Top Scotch Whiskies under: $30 $40 $60 $70 $110 $140 $280. Whiskey styles information Show. Whisky - Whiskey Malt Learn more. Malt whisky /whiskey is usually made from barley, which has a particularly affinity with the malting process, and was also the most easily available grain during the development of the modern whisky industry in Scotland

Discover the best Whiskey & Scotch in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Grocery & Gourmet Food Best Sellers Finding the world's best Scotch whisky is no easy task. To begin with, there's so much of it already out there — with vintages in circulation from decades ago. Couple that with the fact that more and more whisky comes out every year, including seasonal drops, rare releases, brand one-offs, collaborations It can all be pretty dizzyin Top 3 Scotch whisky labels you've got to try. From double cask matured single malts to smooth, blended grain concoctions, these Scotch whiskies are considered some of the best in the world. By Pallavi Mehr a. October 5, 2020. Take your pick from Aberlour to Chivas Regal and Glenlivet The word. GET A BOTTLE . So there you have it, smoke Islay whiskies are a big favourite here at WhiskeyBon and we hope to try more in the future but these are the best you can buy a the moment for under £100.. The peat and smoke flavours can be off-putting to some but to others, they are truly delicious The History of Scotch Whisky. The first written mention of Scotch was found scribed on June 1st, 1495 in Volume X on page 487 of the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland where it reads To Friar John Cor, by order of the King, to make aqua vitae VIII bolls of malt.The Exchequer Rolls were records of all royal income and expenses. In this particular entry, it documents that Cor was given eight.

Top 15 Scotch whisky companies Scotch whisky is worth around £5bn to the UK economy and there are many companies involved in the industry. At this moment in time, there are 69 registered members of the Scotch Whisky Association, as well as other distillers, blenders and bottlers outside of the organisation Top 10 Scotch whisky markets by value: 2020 15 March 2021 By Lauren Eads. It's been a turbulent year for the drinks industry, not least Scotch Top 'Fictional' Scotch whisky brands on TV and Films Glencallan scotch whisky (TV series: Chicago P.D.; Sons of Anarchy; Burn Notice; Nip/ Tuck; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Balmoor scotch whisky (TV series: Chicago Med; The Grinder; Lipstick Jungle; The Defenders, Boston Legal, The Originals). Glen. Welcome to the largest range of Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Australia. Nicks Wine Merchants go further than any other whisky retailer dealing with hundreds of suppliers, both locally and overseas in order to offer you the most eclectic selection as well as some of the very best prices in Single Malt Scotch in Australia today

Scotch Whisky Auctions Ltd, Unit C, 139 Lancefield Street, Glasgow G3 8HZ. Registered in Scotland, no SC383924. VAT number 139 9961 52. Facebook. Premium whiskies are, almost by definition, pricey, but the Scotch whiskies listed here aren't painfully expensive and offer serious quality for the asking price. Indeed, many of Scotch's flagship expressions lie in the $50 to $75 range, and all seven of these whiskies have devoted fan followings, sometimes large followings

The 15 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies to Drink in 202

  1. Hello, whiskey lovers, and welcome to heaven, where your drink of choice is best served neat or on the rocks with just a few ice cubes. That's right, we're talking about scotch, Ron Burgundy.
  2. La Maison du Whisky has been specialising in whiskies and spirits since 1956: online sales of bottles of single malt, blended malt, bourbon, and more
  3. The 10 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies for Under £100 to Buy Right Now You don't have to break the bank to sip a great Scotch. By Richard Carleton Hacker on September 4, 2020 Share This Article Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk Related Articles. A Chocolate.
  4. Whisky Liquor Store finds all of your favorite scotch and bourbon from local liquor stores, applies the best prices and delivers discount liquor anywhere in the USA
  5. If you aren't careful, your whisky budget can quickly get out of control. The good news is, it's entirely possible to find an excellent whisky that doesn't need to break the bank. In the end, it was hard for us to choose, but here are our picks for ten excellent Scotch whiskies for under $100 a bottle
  6. The best Scotch whisky to buy right now: Tamdhu 15 Year Old. Jack Croxford-Scott & Dan Dunn. 17 June, 2020. If you love your Scotch, you're in the right place. Welcome to our regular roundup of the best whiskies from none other than Scotland, the land of Braveheart, kilts and haggis

The Best Scotch Whiskies We Drank In 2020, Ranked - UPROX

  1. New limited edition scotch whisky from Balvenie, GlenDronach, Dalmore, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Aberfeldy, Johnnie Walker, Glenrothes and more Premium Scotch: The Best New Limited Edition Whiskies.
  2. I have no doubt that there are as many opinions regarding a good starter Scotch as there are bottles of whisky (please leave your suggestions below), but for those wanting a recommendation, I would point them to my first, a bottle of Glenmorangie 10yr
  3. imum of three years and produced by a single distillery
  4. 5 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies Single Malt Whisky: Best 5. Here is a summary of my selections. I give more details and explain my decisions below,... Aberlour 18 Year Old: Creamy and Fruity. The Aberlour distillery is one of my personal favourites. Their 18 Year Old has... Lagavulin 16 Year Old:.
  5. While all whisky (or whiskey) can be enjoyed responsibly by anyone with an interest in spirits, Scotch whisky is best enjoyed with a little splash of water and a gathering of friends. If you've poured yourself a wee dram and wish to savor its silky texture in a whole new light, read on. Steps. Method 1 of 4
  6. For true connoisseurs of scotch whiskey, nothing will do but the absolute best.Most people believe you get what you pay for, and so the more you pay, the better quality your purchase will be, and so, many would also feel that the most expensive bottles of scotch whiskey would, therefore, be the best
Cabin Fever Maple Flavored Whiskey Reviews and RatingsBuy Longmorn 15 Year Old Speyside Single Malt ScotchDrinking the Bottom Shelf: Clan MacGregor Scotch WhiskyThe 8 biggest misconceptions about Scotch whiskyThe best whiskey bars in San Diego - Thrillist

10 Of The Best Scotch Whiskies To Try In 2021 Mark

Best Scotch Whisky Distillery Tours Talisker, Islands. Perched on the shores of jaw-drop-beautiful Skye - full of rolling green hills, misty peaks and... Glenfiddich, Dufftown. If you join just one distillery tour, it might have to be this one. Pedigree aside -... Ardbeg, Islay. Seriously smoky,. Smoke Forward: 12 Best Islay Scotch Whiskies. Mike Waldron. Feb 7, 2017. Category: Vices. Hailing from one of the five whisky distilling locations protected by law in Scotland, Islay whisky certainly lends itself to a more mysterious and seemingly unknown variety The ultimate ranking of Scotch whisky. Luckily our friends over at FindTheBest helped us narrow down the 10 best bottles of Scotch for experienced and novice drinkers alike.. FindTheBest used a. Several Scotch whisky distilleries shout about histories which stretch back several centuries, yet record-keeping back in the early 1700s (the time when many distilleries first started churning out barrels of the good stuff) was poor to non-existent, and several distilleries have changed hands, switched locations, and have seen themselves shut down and reopened with the changing of the laws.

Best Scotch whisky 2020: the GQ guide British G

Which are the top 10 best-selling Scotch whisky brands shifting more than one million nine-litre cases? Total Scotch whisky exports by volume grew by 2.4% to 1.31 billion 700ml bottles in 2019,. It has made one of our top lists in the past and is probably the best value single malt Scotch whisky today. It is distilled in Speyside which is known for sherry cask matured whiskies, but like most of this list, although they are distilled in Speyside, they are still part of the highland region which has a fruity character at its core And with a long smokey finish that's incredibly balanced, Ardberg remains one of the best all-around Scotch whisky values on the planet. Highland Park 12 Year Price: $5 So, whether you are a Single Malt enthusiast, work in the industry or are simply browsing for information regarding the best scotch whisky, whisky distilleries, whisky industry news, how to nose whisky, taste whisky, a whisky ebook or other interesting whisky related features - welcome

Buy Golden Shoe 2010 Blended Scotch Blended WhiskyBuy J&B Reserve 15 year Blended Whisky - Justerini

The 8 Best Scotch Whisky Brands in the World Right No

Whether you drink it straight, on the rocks, or cut it with water, the best Scotch whiskies under $40 got you covered. Famous Grouse Each batch of this blended Scotch Whisky is aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a flavor full of vanilla, orange, and dark chocolate Thirty-One Whiskey is a blog devoted to the appreciation of good whiskey, fine cigars, and the value of a hard day's work in the wood shop. Thirty-One Whiskey does not endorse or condone binge drinking or other dangerous drinking habits Buy scotch whisky online from SipWhiskey.Com & we will deliver it directly to your door! Get the best scotch whisky available for purchase online today! Order now and get free shipping for qualifying orders. We carry all the most popular brands at the best prices online! From Highland single malts to peaty Scotch Whiskey from Islay Find the best selection of Scotch online & have it delivered to your door. Find your new favorite among more than 965 bottles Single malt Scotch whiskies shouldn't get all of the attention and love. There are tons of great blended Scotch whiskies out there, too. Here is our list of the best blended Scotch whiskies you.

Best Whisky: 11 Delicious Single Malt Scotch Whiskies For 202

We've worked through our recently published Brand Champions 2019 data to divulge the top 10 best-selling Scotch whisky brands in the world. Looking across our top 10,. Scroll to check out the 4 best scotch whisky labels in the world, per the International Spirits Challenge 2020. Take a look

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